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Spring brings weight restrictions to some roads

(Photo courtesy Region of Durham)

Spring weight restriction season is here.

In order to prevent damage to regional roads, the Region of Durham is placing weight restrictions on designated roads during the spring weight restriction season, as per the Highway Traffic Act. This affects vehicles that are heavier than 5,000 kilograms – or five tonnes – per axle.

“In the spring, frozen roads start to thaw. The thawing water may not drain out of the gravel that is under the pavement,” states the region, noting this is because the surrounding soil may be frozen or too solid.

“The water will soak into the gravel. When the water is absorbed, the pavement will temporarily lose strength. When this happens, the pavement cannot support vehicles that are heavier than 5,000 kilograms or five tonnes per axle.”

The weight restrictions will run until April 30, however, the actual end date will be determined following periodic reviews of road and weather conditions towards the end of the weight restriction season.

The region will be placing signs on regional roads where these restrictions apply. Motorists can refer to the complete map for more information.

According to the region, most public utility and emergency vehicles are exempt from the weight restrictions.

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