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Spotton seeks Durham Liberal nomination

William Spotton, Liberal Party candidate for Durham Region

William Spotton has announced he will be seeking the Liberal nomination to run as MP for Durham region in the upcoming federal election.

Spotton is a 30-plus year veteran of the Liberal Party and has worked across the political, public and private sector in senior management roles during the course of his career.

He has run numerous Liberal Party campaigns and has worked in the public sector at the municipal, provincial and federal level.

In the private sector, Spotton worked as job developer for Durham College for five years. He has also been a business owner and a stay at home father.

Spotton currently lives in Bowmanville where he is an active member of the St. John’s Anglican Church serving in various senior level capacities.

He was a volunteer member of the Port Hope Central Public School, Council, Humane Society of Northumberland, Fundraising and Chair of the Peterborough Public Library.

Spotton’s contributions to the community and to the country were recognized as he received a Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Confederation.

“I have been active in the Liberal Party for many years and have supported many campaigns in various capacities. The time is right for me to seek  the nomination, as I believe that the Durham Region needs experienced, engaged and effective representation from an MP that is present and responsive to the challenges that our constituents are facing. Most importantly, I believe my experience will deliver effective results for Durham in Ottawa,” said Spotton.

Spotton has a Bachelor’s of Arts from Mount Allen University and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. He also has a mediation certification from Harvard University.

The nomination date has not yet been set.