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Should we be putting out the welcome mat?

Dear editor,

Again I hear more whining from John Tory concerning how the rest of Canada should do more to help alleviate his financial problems because Toronto is becoming overwhelmed with homeless people putting a huge strain on municipal resources.

This from a man who proudly declared his city to be a “sanctuary city” to all, illegals or not, not long ago.

Remember the cliché, “you build it and they will come”? Well they are certainly coming alright, and Tory expects everybody in Canada to support his illogical claim. That there is much more to do to address mental health and addiction in this country is an understatement, and Toronto does bear much of the brunt of the problem. That said, why on earth would any so called leader support doing an end run around federal laws concerning illegal migrants, and putting more possible violent criminals in our midst, then cry for more taxpayer funding to accomplish this idiotic task?

With Trudeau tearing down our borders, and weakling mayors like Tory, and my own mayor I might add in Oshawa, putting out the welcome mat to any and all, with free welfare, what could go wrong?

Take a few home with you John. I am sure you have the room.

Happy New Year!

Russ Horner