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Shoe on the other foot not fitting as well

Dear Editor:

Regarding the disappointed Oshawa voter that complained in the Oct. 18 edition of The Oshawa Express about Colin Carrie getting re-elected with 59.2 per cent of Oshawa voters voting for someone else, sounds like the typical complaint the left makes any time the first past the post system we have in place works against them.

Strange that this same system gave Trudeau a majority, only with a million votes from NDP voters, with over 60 per cent of Canadians voting for someone else also!

No complaint there from the left. In fact, it will be very seldom mentioned.

Certainly not like when Mr. Harper did the same thing back in 2011, with even a slightly bigger amount of the vote.

We heard many times about how “unfair” that was from the left. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it is now OK!

How hypocritical is that?

Russ Horner