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Save the water

Residents are being asked to help conserve water during the hot summer months. One way they can do this, according to a news release from the region, is to check the calendar before water their lawn.

“We’ve had a very dry couple of months, and our water plants are seeing higher output levels than usual,” states John Presta, the region’s director of environmental services, in a news release.

“In order to ensure an adequate supply of water is maintained throughout the summer, we want to remind residents about the importance of water conservation. If we continue to experience a hot, dry summer, we may have to consider mandatory water restrictions.”

One way to help conserve water is to observe odd-even day lawn watering, meaning residents in odd-numbered homes water their lawn on odd-numbered days, and even-numbered home owners water on even-numbered days.

For more water conservation tips, please call the Region of Durham’s Technical Support Division at 1-800-372-1102, or visit