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Sad to see an honest politician step aside

Dear Editor,

Regrettably, today, we see one of the few honest federal Conservatives deciding not to run for re-election.

Kelly Leitch has been vilified by the mainstream media, the Liberal Party and most of her own caucus as a bigot, and a racist.

I beg to differ and ask what is wrong with trying to check just who is attempting to gain access to Canadian citizenship?

Some citizens of some Middle East countries have certain values that most westerners find gruesome, and are against the law in this country.

Why should we not try to filter these practices, and the people that believe in them before those practices become the norm here?

So many media types, and politicians of all political stripes are so politically correct that they are afraid to speak the truth, but not true conservatives like Kelly Leitch, who paid a heavy price for her courage and common sense, something that is in very short supply in Canada it appears.

The Conservative Party, federally, and here in in Ontario seem to be just morphing into another liberal light party. Pity.

We will pay a heavy price in the future for all the weak kneed politicians that only cater to a voting bloc, that  go along to get along, are scared to death of the CBC and the rest of the left wing media labeling them racist, bigots, xenophobic, etc,, and have no courage of their convictions like Dr. Kelly Leitch has.

Ironically, there are only a few conservative politicians federally that have any gonads, and they are all women! Go figure! Now, sadly, we have lost another keeper.

I for one, am sorry to see you go Doctor.  All the best.

At least now you will have more time to do what this country needs more of, doctors saving children’s lives with your skill sets. No matter who they are, or where they came from.

Russ Horner