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Residents reminded of springtime dangers

The Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA) is reminding residents of the dangers existing near bodies of water, particularly around this time of year, and urges people to keep family and pets away from the edges of all waterways.

Spring is quickly approaching and, with warmer temperatures, residents will be heading outside more.

However, CLOCA officials warn warm temperatures also bring rain, melting snow, and shifting ice which contribute to slippery stream-banks and higher, faster flowing water in local watercourses, making these areas extremely dangerous.

The CLOCA watershed received an average amount of snowfall this year, however recent thaws due to mild temperatures resulted in an early snow melt. As the ground remains saturated in many parts of the watershed, increased runoff and higher than normal levels and flows can be expected within streams.

With March Break nearing, parents are asked to remind children of the dangers of playing near streams and ponds.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when enjoying the warm spring weather when around the water’s edge:

– Keep family and pets away from all bodies of water, and avoid all recreational activities in or around water

– Always stay off roads closed due to flooding and do not attempt to drive or walk through the water, as it can be fast moving and deep.

– If you live near water, move outdoor furnishings and other objects away from the water’s edge to avoid losing them during the spring high water.