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Region hits milestone on recycling

batteriesThe Region of Durham already has a world record for its battery collecting – and the total number over the years continues to grow.

The region has officially recycled more than 100 metric tones of batteries through its curbside collection program.

“Durham Region was the first regional municipality in Canada to offer such an extensive curbside battery collection program, and I am thrilled to see its continued success,” states Cliff Curtis, the region’s works commissioner, in a news release. “One hundred metric tonnes of batteries have been saved from the waste stream—recovering metal components and keeping mercury, cadmium and other harmful materials from entering the environment. Hats off to Durham residents for their ongoing participation in this program!”

The region first launched its curbside battery recycling initiative in 2012 as a pilot program, later going on to set to a Guiness World Record that year for collecting 5,120 kilos worth.

The program was made permanent in 2013.