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Red light cameras, photo radar are a “cash cow”

Dear Editor,

To Regional Chair John Henry,

I remember you running for Oshawa Mayor, and visiting 5,000 homes I believe, that was impressive.

What is not impressive is the one sided pushing through of photo radar, automated speed enforcement and red light cameras, a cash cow generation for cash-starved cities and towns.  This car hating attack on safe drivers will excessively penalize the working poor and middle class yet again.

Is it fair to charge $325 for short yellow lights or not a complete stop on a right turn? Under the guise of safety, of course, and because Vision Zero which is never wrong. Is this how you treat the safest drivers in North America based on the Ontario Road Safety Annual Report?

As you know there are two sides to every story, but I doubt the Region of Durham has heard the other side.  Just the spoon fed information from camera makers and their slick salesman versus an experienced user-based advocacy group The National Motorist Association which has been around for 37 years since 1982 advocating for reasonable common sense traffic laws.

Red light cameras have unintended consequences that well-intended politicians have not researched.

I have also attached two links you should be aware of, a major study from the University of Florida and a Windsor study.

Report throws cold water on red light cameras in Windsor

It is becoming more and more obvious red light cameras increase rear end collisions, but don’t let the statistically significant facts get in the way of an expanding cash cow.

Ross Turek