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Recall on Christmas lights

recalled lights2 (web)Those looking to get into the holiday spirit should take a second look at the Christmas lights they purchased – they might be a fire hazard.

Three types of lights have been recalled by their producers, according to a news release from Health Canada, adding the federal entity tested several products available on the market and found risks to consumers, including overheating, as well as fire and electric shock hazards.

Loblaws has issued a recall on the Life at Home indoor M5 multicolour set of 70 LED Lights, citing the product is at risk of overheating and catching on fire.
Dollarama has issued a recall on two products – the set of 50 miniature straight line indoor Christmas recalled lights (web)lights and the set of 25 miniature straight line outdoor Halloween lights. According to Health Canada, the Christmas lights pose an overheating and fire hazard, while the Halloween lights can cause electric shocks.

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