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Reasoning for port amalgamation is clear

Dear Editor,

It’s interesting to read of Gary Valcour’s newfound interest in planning and accountability. But the answer to why the Minister is now considering amalgamation is not mysterious and is already in Mr. Valcour’s hands.

It is the record of operating losses at the OPA going back to 2014 and the odious $4.1 million award to FarmTech Energy predicated on his board’s act of bad faith.

The Minister is merely fulfilling his mandate under the Marine Act to see that Canadian port authorities are financially sustainable. He’s actually being rather accommodating, if devious, in not citing the board and management for their thoroughgoing arrogance and incompetence. The Minister, no doubt, has seen the OPA financials for 2018. How many deficits did Mr. Valcour think the Minister could tolerate?

The “business case” constitutes hiding OPA’s debt and deficit on the Hamilton Port Authority’s more robust balance sheet.

As long as Mr. Valcour is so interested in the disclosure of business cases, perhaps he could supply the public with the business case that was presented to the Government of Canada. You know, the one that Parliament reviewed before it passed the legislation creating the Oshawa Port Authority.  And while he’s at it he could present the public with the business case presented to his board by FarmTech Energy, the one that convinced the board to agree to a lease, a lease that the board cancelled in bad faith less than a year later.

Finally, it is well past time that Mr. Valcour admitted to the public the error that led to the FarmTech Energy award and released the arbitrator’s decision in the matter of FarmTech Energy vs. the Port of Oshawa.

Tom Mitchell