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Real “facts” hard to find in climate change debate

Climate change response

Dear editor,

Dear Editor, Mr. Peate’s last letter illustrates how difficult it has become to find any data which is not refuted by someone, in such a complex issue, now that the debate has become a cult, and left the realm of reasonable debate.  I do, however, reject the insult to Burt Rutan, one of the most distinguished engineers of our time. (look him up on Wikipedia). He is an engineer, an applied scientist, who works with facts, not theories. I also insist that no-one knows whether the current climate, if it is warming, is experiencing a routine variation or a long term change, both of which seem to have occurred in the long life of the globe. Both cooling and warming cycles, we are told, are a feature of the history of the globe. Those with power to direct human activity would do better to try to live with the world and the climate we have, than to attempt to control the massive forces of nature.

Meanwhile, one ‘fact’ which seems to be generally agreed, is that Canada only generates about 1.6% of ‘harmful’ emissions. So, if Canada were to disappear overnight, the effect on the global climate would be difficult to measure, and irrelevant compared with the output of USA, China, India, and the rest.  The efforts of the Ontario and federal governments to solve the problem are therefore ludicrous, criminal, naive, venal, take your pick, as though the climate is local, and will only add to our already excessive tax burden. This is a problem which we can do something about!

Alan Slater