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Reader says Quebec on “a very dark path”

Dear Editor,

So, Quebec has tabled legislation banning religious symbols at work in public services.

Does that mean Sikhs can longer wear turbans or carry kirpans?  Will Jews no longer be allowed to wear yarmulkes or necklaces with the star of David on them? Will Christians no longer be allowed to wear pins or necklaces with crosses or the fish symbol on them?

And if you go that way, should atheists be allowed to wear fish symbols with the word “Darwin” on them, which clearly mocks Christianity, which if pursued, could be deemed hate speech? How about a gay person wearing a rainbow flag symbol? These symbols are an expression of who we are. Why should we have to keep that secret? Banning them would deny us our Charter Rights, allowing us freedom of religion and speech.

The reason maybe because they don’t want to offend anyone, which itself shows intolerance and exclusion.

Why shouldn’t those who are offended show tolerance, or are they given a free ride? Yet, now I’m offended and so are people of other faiths. Why can’t we be “included”?

If people were proselytizing at work to their fellow employees or customers of government services, that would be understandable. This is not. None of this is doing any good. Quebec is going down a very dark path. What’s coming next?

Joe Prochazka