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Reader doesn’t get anti-Trump sentiment

Dear Editor,

It is baffling how the detractors of President Trump, including the mainstream media of course, feel that it is “immoral” as Nancy Pelosi often recites, to place US troops on the southern border. Even when it is under attack by numerous caravans of illegal migrants who are demanding entrance to the USA, and all the same benefits that American taxpayers receive, while at the same time howling mad because Trump is pulling U.S. troops home from Syria where they face death and dismemberment protecting some one else’s border on the other side of the planet!

All of a sudden they are now warmongers it seems. If Obama had done the same thing, he would be heaped with praise for his insight and forethought.

Why must American blood always be spilled in these foreign wars, especially after Trudeau pulled our F16s out of the fight as soon as possible when he became our Prime Minister? What gives Canada the right to criticize, after running away from a fight?

The savings in costs alone, let alone any savings in American lives, would probably cover the costs of the wall that is needed on the southern border that the Democrats are voting against, for no other reason, except they hate Trump.

Russ Horner