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Reader calls for the protection of our lands

Dear Editor,

It really bothers me seeing the waste of the land, our waterways with plastic everywhere and scattered on the side of our streets.

I feel there should be a charge of a dollar for every plastic item that stores sell, and that charge would be absorbed by the store that supplies the item.

People who are too lazy to bring their own reusable bags should also pay a buck for each bag. Remember years ago everything that we bought was wrapped in paper, and bags were made of paper or lined in wax.

The liquor stores are the only ones that use paper bags, and they are very useful for waste and other functions such as dogs and cat litter etc.

Remember the days of Knob Hill Farms stores? They had well made – yes, plastic – baskets to carry the groceries in and they lasted forever. A charge of one dollar was refundable every time that you brought the basket back and some are still in circulation today.

Definitely something should be done about all the plastic that is choking our beautiful blue planet. This is not a dress rehearsal! If we screw up our world it’s done, finished, no second chance, and don’t say “to hell with our future generations,” because I heard that expression too.

Frank Di Malta