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Province taking action to support mental health for students

(Photo courtesy Durham College)

Durham College and Ontario Tech University are receiving funding to support mental health.

The province announced it is providing $729,301 to help increase access to mental health and addiction services for students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Durham College is receiving $373,349 and Ontario Tech is getting $355,952.


(Ontario Tech photo)


According to the province, the funding is meant to strengthen community partnerships, increase the number of mental health workers and programs, and immediately expand access for students to the provincial mental health and addictions system during the pandemic.

“Supporting students and their mental health as they navigate their postsecondary education is vital, and even more so during a pandemic, says Durham MPP Lindsey Park. “These resources will assist students in staying the course as they work to gain the skills and training needed for today’s changing job market.”

Institutions will have the flexibility to determine how best to allocate the funds to mental health services and supports to respond to local campus and student COVID19-related mental health needs.

However, particular emphasis is placed on mental health services delivered virtually, and other hybrid models to support students as they continue to learn online.

Whitby MPP and Chief Government Whip Lorne Coe says the students’ mental health is a priority for the government.

“Providing students with access to mental health supports and services when they need them is a critical piece of a student’s health and wellbeing,” he says. “We will continue to work with, and support, our postsecondary sector partners like Durham College and Ontario Tech University to create a learning environment that helps students succeed in education and life.”