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Province establishes advisory panel for construction sector

The province is establishing a new panel to advise the Ministry of Labour on issues regarding the construction industry.

The advisory panel will provide feedback on issues such as labour and employment laws, workplace health and safety, injury prevention and new equipment and technology.

According to a ministry news release, the panel will be comprised of eight to 12 members representing the industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) sector, labour and employer groups/associations, and representatives of other sectors of the construction industry.

Ministry officials said the panel will reflect a balance of the opinions of both employers and employees.

“Construction is a vital engine of growth for our economy, creating good quality jobs across the province. That’s why it’s important that we listen and work closely with our construction partners,” McNaughton said in the news release. “This is an opportunity for the construction sector to bring their issues, concerns and changing trends directly to me and our ministry.”

The plan is for the advisory panel to meet three times a year with the Minister of Labour.