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Progressive arrogance knows no bounds

Dear Editor,

It never ceases to amaze me how progressives would like to stifle dissent concerning the subject of “manmade” climate change!

It appears the letter writer from June 21 is another one who would love to block anybody that does not believe what he attempts to portray as the unabashed truth. He feels it should be his way or the highway!

Spoken like a true progressive. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

I think he would be a pretty good fit in some communist countries like Cuba, North Korea, or Trudeau’s favourite dictatorship, China.

Those places stifle dissent on an ongoing basis and go on brainwashing their people because nobody can send a Letter to the Editor in those countries and offer a differing view point.

That apparently, is the Canada that would appeal more to the progressives that don’t like reading something that doesn’t coincide with their all knowing viewpoint.

Talk about getting one’s facts straight. The Paris Agreement is not binding at all, and will be a colossal waste of taxpayer funds. As an aside, our Environment Minister, for some reason, lately keeps harping about carbon dioxide being labelled as “pollution”. Does she not realize what she is breathing out with every breath? Amazing! Real pollution is what Montreal and Victoria are still dumping in our waterways, and that should be stopped as soon as possible, without worrying about a natural element that we would die without.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are transferred from the west to who knows where, for what purpose, except to lower our standard of living and enrich someone else’s on the other side of the world.

He reminds me of a man named Suzuki who fails to practice what he preaches and yet tries to stifle anybody else for disagreeing. If he did he would not own four large homes and be constantly flying around the globe polluting the skies with kerosene jet fuel exhaust, while telling us we have to do more. He would walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

Most folks would agree that climate change is real, as it has been in process since time began on this planet. We have had several ice ages, and some feel that we are just now coming out of the latest one.  What is not proven is if man’s activity on this earth has made any difference at all in this ongoing process.

If it was ever was determined to be the absolute truth, that man was causing this change due to the burning of fossil fuel, I think one of the first laws that should be enacted would be a law prohibiting any unnecessary air travel around the globe. All we ever see are more and more bigger jets being built to carry more people to wherever they please. Have yet to see one powered by battery.

Many of them are personal jets occupied by know it all celebrities, cum environmental experts, flying around the earth telling us little people how to live, and what to do without.

Especially here in Canada, but never other oil rich nations like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, or Russia. They would not be allowed to spout their nonsense in those places.

They too, stifle dissent the way most progressives here would like to also it appears.

Russ Horner