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Premier Ford should forge onward

Dear Editor,

It is just amazing to listen to all the rhetoric and whining taking place regarding Doug Ford using the legal provision in the Charter of Rights to overrule the judge’s ruling concerning downsizing Toronto council.

There was certainly no consultation when they wanted to increase council size to 47.

They sound like a bunch of spoiled brats doing whatever they can to save their cushy jobs, while nothing was getting done for years. Many of these councillors have been keeping a seat warm for over 20 years. Never had a real job. Now they are so afraid of having to when they are removed from this soft touch they have enjoyed for years.

They even tried to get the federal government involved to repeal this ruling.

Trudeau, wisely, has so far at least stayed out of it. He has enough unsolved problems to take up his time, such as not built pipelines, and not signed NAFTA.

The media has done its best to go back many years to get opinions from previous prime ministers and premiers who disagree with Ford.

I , for one, do not care what Brian Mulroney feels about this situation, or indeed Bill Davis, the fella that gave us another layer of government, Durham Region, to fund through our taxes, plus Catholic high school funding. Some conservative he is.

I suppose Mulroney, whom also was a disappointment, just another loyal Quebec minister, feels that only Quebec has the right to utilize the constitutional clause to get around rulings they don’t like, and they have many times.

Doug Ford is on the right track, and should forge onward. All the whining taking place just shows how bad things have gotten in this land.

Time to drain the swamp.

Russ Horner