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Premier Ford is abusing his power

Dear Editor,

Premier Ford should register as a third party. The Premier who under questioning did not attempt to disguise his motives from NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. “The Leader of the NDP is here to protect her crony buddies Mike Lawton, Joe Cressy, Gord Perks” he said referring to left leaning Toronto Councillors, the Toronto Star reported.

The premier using his office to attack these councilors is unheard of. By sticking his nose in the middle of a municipal campaign he is in effect endorsing other candidates right of centre. The Municipal Affairs Act, our Constitution, ensure citizens the right to a fair election.

Premier Ford’s bias to certain candidates is grossly unfair to all other candidates seeking office. A fair election now is questionable. All levels of government have gone to great length writing into law third party status. Premier Ford should declare himself a third party and register at the Toronto city clerk office.

As for the three candidates who were mentioned they should be filing a complaint with the City Clerk and Municipal Affairs.

Gord Vickers