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Pot shops on the reserve

Dear Editor,

I understand the provincial government has recently approved some 80 more licences to sell pot in Ontario.

Of those 80, eight are apparently for Natives on reserves in the province.

This seems odd to me as many, if not all, reserves already have numerous pot shops in operation now. The police do nothing. One law for us and one for the Natives.

They sell all kinds of cannabis products, and of course tax free as they are on the reserve, just like their gas and cigarette sales.

I assume that with this proper, legit, legal licence awarded to the “lucky” winner allowing the holder to legally sell pot products on the reserve, Ontario must now collect provincial sales tax on the sale of cannabis products?

Assuming that, I trust the shop owners will make certain to offer other products for sale in the same shop just to keep afloat, as who in their right mind will shop for their pot products in the only shop on the reserve that forces you to pay sales tax, when you can go next door and buy the same thing for less?

Russ Horner