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Postal worker speaks on back-to-work

Dear Editor,

This legislation back to work for postal workers is ridiculous. I am a letter carrier, walk more than 22 km a day, upstairs and downstairs, on uneven ground, carrying up to 35 lbs at a time, in all kinds of weather.

Yes this is the job I chose, but can someone explain to me why WSIB has denied me.

Not once but twice. According to my doctor my IT band in my left leg was inflamed from over use.

I walked with a cane for two-and-a-half weeks, according to WSIB people walk every day and don’t get hurt, very true, but I’m pretty sure they’re not doing what I do. This is why we need to fight for our health.


Struggling Postie

P.S. – I don’t even make $20/hr, and am far from lazy!

Thelma Slade