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Politicians will be held accountable

Dear Editor,

I feel history will judge most of our politicians of every political stripe, very harshly for their actions during the “pandemic.”

Many lives have been lost needlessly, and untold damage to our youth through lost hope and educational opportunities.

Most of these elected politicians gave all the decision making to unelected bureaucrats in the medical field, many of whom have never treated actual patients in their career, but enjoy the sudden surge of popularity in their otherwise boring lives.

Lawsuits will drag on for many years to come from many quarters, who feel that they were cheated and lied to, suffered enormous loss of family members unnecessarily, and loss of livelihoods.

When I saw Doug Ford standing behind his provincial health minister, nodding his head in agreement, when she said that up to half of all COVID positive tests were false positives, then on a daily basis, get bent out of shape whenever those “tests” rose in number, when the only numbers that really mattered were the hospitalization numbers caused by COVID, which never reached critical stage.

We have been duped by many whom we trusted to assist the leader of this country to drag this “crisis” on so he could look like Robin Hood with borrowed taxpayer money, and buy his next majority by spending billions on anybody who felt they needed a handout, because they lost their livelihood, probably unnecessarily.

It will be a cold day in hell the next time I ever support any political party financially again, with the possible exception of Maxime Bernier, who has the integrity and wisdom to see this scam for what it is.

Russ Horner