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Pipeline route still in the works

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

It’s come down to two.

When the Eastern Mainline Pipeline is constructed, the route it follows through the City of Oshawa will follow one of two paths, but which one is still undecided.

According to Brian West, a project manager with TransCanada, landowner negotiations are still ongoing along both routes.

“There’s still some uncertainty as to what the final route will be,” West recently told the Development Services committee.

The two proposed routes include one being brought fourth by TransCanada, which runs along the northern edge of the city before cutting south through the Oak Ridges’ Moraine near the eastern edge of the city’s boundary.

The second route is one put forth by the city and sees the pipeline run down the western border between Whitby and Oshawa before jutting east along an existing portion of TransCanada pipeline and following the newly constructed corridor of the 407 expansion.

Beginning in June, TransCanada has been seeking permission from landowners along the proposed routes for access to their properties in order to study the feasibility of running the natural gas pipeline through that location.

To date, TransCanada has had access to 81 per cent of the properties along their proposed route and 19 per cent along the city’s proposed route.

“We’re not seeing much success on gaining access,” West says of the city’s route.

However, a large portion of the discrepancy is made up by the fact that TransCanada currently can’t study vast portions of the 407 corridor, owned by the MTO, due to the construction of the highway expansion.

Councillor John Neal questioned whether the pipeline’s routing along the new portion of the 407 could impact the construction and possibly delay its completion.

However, West assured the regional councillor that wouldn’t happen, claiming they have signed a non-disclosure agreement with Blackbird Infrastructure in order to work closely together.

“None of our field investigation work would interfere with their progress…they have the trump card,” he said.

TransCanada is planning an open house for the public at the Legends Centre on Nov. 17 for those looking for further information on the pipeline and it’s possible routings through Oshawa.