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People’s Party of Canada names local candidate

The People’s Party of Canada has named its candidate for the Oshawa riding in this fall’s federal election.

Greg Roy is a professional in the tech sector, working in downtown Toronto in a senior managerial capacity at a large firm.

Roy, 44, was born and raised in Sarnia, Ont.

He makes his home in north Oshawa with his partner of 25 years, along with their Siberian husky and parrot.

A media release from the People’s Party of Canada notes Roy is “not a career politician.”

“We need to get a handle on corporate welfare and be sure Canadian taxpayer dollars are not being thrown into a black hole to keep non-viable businesses in operation artificially. Government should not be competing with the private sector via the CBC, Canada Post nor protecting the dairy, egg and chicken cartel at the expense of all Canadians,” Roy said in the media release. “We also need to make sure Canada remains at the forefront of technology and cultivate our high-tech communities to encourage more investment in these critical sectors across the country. Oshawa is ready and well-positioned to work with all levels of government to welcome high-tech investment and infrastructure.”