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Parties should respect privacy

Dear Editor,

I am in favour of political parties being made subject to federal privacy laws.

With Canada’s federal election just around the corner, I’m concerned that our political parties are not protecting the personal information they gather from us.

Political parties should follow the same rules companies have to – it’s only fair.

Privacy matters regardless of who we vote for. In this election, I believe all the parties should commit to protecting our privacy and I’ll be looking to see if they do when I make my voting decision.

My personal information must be protected and I should be assured that is in fact what is taking place.

Presently that data situation is not unlike the “Wild West” of the Internet where anything can and does happen without any kind of safeguards in place to prevent it from abuse. Politicians have so far proven themselves to be our least trusted group when it comes to our personal info being used for some kind of personal gain.

It should no longer be what you see is what you get but rather what you demand is the reality. I will always and only believe in a “Total Recall” method of government and that’s what politicians are forcing us to demand and make happen for our ultimate trust to be realized.

Rupert Cameron