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Our democracy is under attack

Dear Editor,

Our democracy is under attack like never before, by our political leaders who want the powers of dictators, and our status as a united country is in peril.

Our political leaders are using party discipline to control the actions of our democratically elected MPs and MLAs and how they vote, and today we have several ‘societies’ under the national political umbrella, some wanting sovereignty status.

Quebec and the indigenous people both have assumed virtual VETO powers that continues to stall and distort many major socio-economic issues and essential infrastructure undertakings by our federal and provincial governments.

Not to mention Alberta’s grievances, having been plundered by Quebec over the years and now, understandably, also pressing the sovereignty button, while ‘transfer payments’ have become more creative.

Riding piggy-back on the Canadian political system Quebec has been an incredible impediment to achieving ‘nationhood’, and becoming a united and fully integrated sovereign country.

With 72 federal MPs Quebec has a distinct advantage over Alberta with only 32, and is using that leverage to de-stabilize and manipulate a minority federal government.

It’s no wonder the Maverick party, an insipient Western political party, also aspires to run candidates in the next federal election under a sovereignty banner, in an attempt to counter-balance the Quebec Block party.

Massive immigration and assimilation has thinned the Quebec bloodlines, and the immigrants have no reason or desire to adopt, let alone promote the French culture, as they already have and will continue to embrace their natural cultural heritage.

The same could be said for the Indigenous people whose culture and bloodlines likewise are being diluted with the same results.

The time to consider the sovereignty status for all parts of Canada would be when we finally sever our colonial ties with the Queen.

That would also be a good time to drop those progressively meaningless sub-titles and call us all Canadians.

Andy Thomsen