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UPDATED: O’Toole tests positive for COVID-19

Conservative leader calls for more testing methods

Durham MP Erin O’Toole, leader of Canada’s Conservative Party, has tested positive for COVID-19.

O’Toole’s wife and children have tested negative, according to a statement.

“He remains in self-isolation and is feeling well,” the statement reads.

O’Toole and his family were tested for COVID-19 on Wednesday after a member of his staff tested positive for the virus.


Original story posted: Sept 17, 2020

O’Toole and family tested for COVID-19

Durham MP Erin O’Toole, leader of Canada’s Conservative Party, and his family have been tested for COVID-19, and he is frustrated with the lack of testing options.

On Wednesday morning, O’Toole took his family to an assessment centre in the Ottawa Public Health Unit. After waiting for hours in line, the O’Toole family was turned away because the centre had reached capacity. Over the course of the afternoon, the O’Toole family contacted Ottawa Public Health to determine which area facility still had availability and an appointment for testing on Friday was offered.

The House of Commons makes testing available for MPs and their families in Gatineau and were able to accommodate the O’Toole family for testing.

O’Toole and his family were informed they needed to be tested for COVID-19 after a member of the Conservative leader’s staff tested positive for the virus.

While waiting in line to be tested, O’Toole says he was struck by how many families were waiting in line with him.

“Children are being sent home from school to get tested, and it is hard for moms and dads to keep them calm. The test itself is unpleasant for an adult, but it’s worse as a parent to watch your young child take the test,” he says. “The Trudeau Liberals have created this mess by refusing to approve other testing methods – despite all our allies having, for months, multiple tests including much faster and less invasive methods. I stand with the thousands of Canadian families who are waiting in lines today for tests. It has been seven months, Justin Trudeau must answer for why we do not have access to more of the tests our allies are using.”

O’Toole and his family are continuing to self-isolate until they receive the results of their tests.