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Oshawa’s growth continues to surge

City breaks development records set in 2015

The city has broken records for highest construction value, residential value and building permits.

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

It’s been another record year for growth in Oshawa, and with one month remaining, the city has broken a trio of development records set in 2015.

That year saw development like Oshawa hadn’t seen in years, but now, Oshawa has surpassed that year in numbers for total construction value, residential value and the number of building permits issued.

At the end of November, the total value of construction throughout the city totalled over $581 million ($581,271,600), surpassing the 2015 numbers by $22.5 million.  In terms of residential construction value, the city saw $459,906,300 worth, surpassing 2015 by $5.5 million.

There have also been 2,161 building permits issued so far in 2017, surpassing 2015 by 205 permits.

The month of November specifically was a successful one for the city as it issued 140 building permits totalling $55.5 million, with $35.1 million of that being residential construction, $12 million in industrial development, $7.3 million in governmental or institutional and $1.1 million in commercial construction. This development amounted to approximately 5,916 square meters of new industrial floor space, 598 square meters of institutional and 487 square meters of governmental floor space. There were 110 new residential units consisting of 64 apartment units, 42 single-detached and four accessory dwelling units.

“We are enjoying tremendous economic growth in the City of Oshawa. This growth will provide amazing and diverse opportunities for our citizens,” says Councillor John Aker, the chair of the development services committee. “This positive development will offer new opportunities for jobs and careers as well as home purchases, raising your family in our community, getting an education and providing your children with ample opportunities in the future.”

According to Mike Leonard, the city’s chief building official, Oshawa is only $19 million from surpassing the $600 million total construction threshold for the first time in the city’s history, and as it stands, there are currently $82 million worth of construction applications pending.  Oshawa has kept monthly building records since 1965, while yearly records date back to 1963.