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Oshawa man wins $100k

lottery_winnerOne resident is certainly having a good start to his summer after winning a six-figure sum, thanks to a winning lottery ticket.

Oshawa’s own Darren Doussept was the lucky winner of the $100,000 top prize in OLG’s The Canadian Triple Crown instant lottery ticket.

“As soon as I scratched the ticket I knew I won,” states Darren in a news release announcing his winnings.

“I went back into the store to validate it. The machine made a big sound and I was told that OLG would call the store any minute to speak with me.”

According to the news release, Doussept plans to pay off some bills with his winnings.

“I also want to treat my family to a nice vacation, possibly the Caribbean. Finally, I’d like to put a portion of my winnings away as a safety blanket. I never thought this would happen to me but I’m so glad it did.”