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Ontario Tech receives research grant

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

The provincial government has provided researchers at Ontario Tech University with a sizable grant.

Durham MPP Lindsey Park and Whitby MPP Lorne Coe were at Ontario Tech to announce the $140,000 in funding.

“Knowledge and research give our industries in the Durham Region the tools they need to be competitive and innovative, and to push the envelope when it comes to developing new products, services, and technologies for an ever-changing economy and world,” said Park in a press release.

The funding is part of the Early Researcher Awards Program, which helps new researchers in Ontario to build their teams.

The $140,000 will go towards a project aiming to improve dietary behaviours and to reduce cardiovascular risk through e-health interventions. The program is run by Dr. JoAnne Arcand, a faculty member of health sciences at Ontario Tech.

She explains the funds will go towards the training of graduate students, while also supporting their travel requirements.

She adds it will help trainees to conduct research, identify and test solutions for cardiovascular disease relating to nutrition.

“This fund will build capacity in order to produce graduate-trained health professionals and students to go and work in the cardiovascular field, and to produce data that is going to create new solutions for cardiovascular disease prevention and management,” explains Arcand.

She says the funding will help her in particular as a Heart and Stroke Foundation national  investigator.

“Part of the mandate of my research program is cardiovascular disease research as it relates to nutrition,” she explains. “So this grant actually provides me with funding in order to continue to advance that mandate.”