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Off-duty officer steps in to stop man with baton

An off-duty DRPS officer is being credited for disarming a 21-year-old male who stormed into a bar carrying an expandable baton.

On April 1, at around 2:00 a.m., an off-duty police officer witnessed a man entering the Tartan Tavern attempting to start a fight with another patron. The off-duty officer had heard other patrons speaking about the man earlier in the evening and was aware that he may be armed. As the man lunged at the other patron in the bar, the off-duty officer was able to tackle him causing the suspect to drop the expandable baton. The suspect tried to fight off the officer, who was assisted by the bouncer from the bar as they waited for officers to arrive.

A 21-year-old of Wilson Road North in Oshawa, is charged with possession of weapons dangerous, failing to comply with probation and public intoxication.