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Not out of the woods yet

george longley cartoon

(Cartoon by George Longley)

As summer begins, residents make their way to parks and want to sit on patios to enjoy the nice weather.

With parks now open, and the City of Oshawa voting to help restaurants make their patios safe, we still need to remember to enjoy these activities safely.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, as phase two has only recently begun, and Durham Region is still seeing new cases daily.

While these daily numbers have gone down, with only four new reported cases in Durham over the last day, our collective guard should not come all the way down.

In total, the region has seen 1,671 cases as of writing, with 1,430 resolved. Oshawa has seen 267 of these cases.

In all, the region saw 180 people lose their lives to COVID-19 – 152 of which were in long-term care homes or retirement homes.

It’s important to wear a mask and to continue practicing social distancing. This means remaining at least six feet, or two metres, apart.

The provincial government has also recommended creating a bubble of approximately 10 people, and only those 10 people if possible. By interacting with the same people everyday, it reduces the risk of spreading the virus.

These precautions aren’t necessarily for yourself, but for those you love, such as grandparents, as they may have a higher risk.

This isn’t the time for residents to be reckless with their health, and all necessary precautions should still be taken. After all, a second wave could still be on the way, and it should be avoided as long as humanly possible.

It’s as Ward 4 City Councillor Derek Giberson said during the most recent city council meeting, we’re not out of the woods yet. COVID-19 is still out there.

Enjoy the weather, Oshawa. Just remember to be safe.