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Nobody knows about the Rand Formula

Dear Editor,

The Rand Formula! Every single person that I spoke to does not, and never did know, the Rand Formula!

I spoke to at least 30 people in different walks of life including lawyers, Doctors, GM workers, secretaries and managers of properties and the owners of businesses and not a single person knew of the Rand Formula nor how it is supposed to work!

So, unless 99 per cent of people are also living under a cabbage patch, then almost every person does not have a clue what the Rand Formula is!

Mr. (Gord) Vickers also did not know or realize what the letter was about.

All I said was that I was forced to belong to a union and I did not realize that I had to belong nor how expensive it was! Mr. Vickers is right about one thing though. He was constantly quoting the unions of the U.S. and we in Canada do not care! Or we shouldn’t! Lastly, Mr. Vickers, have a nice day and enjoy your retirement!

Ron Horner