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No support from this Canadian on Khadr

Dear Editor,

The latest excuse (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau is now expecting us to swallow concerning the terrible decision to reward our enemy with 10.5 million taxpayer dollars is hilarious.

He tells us that to go to court to fight the convicted terrorist demands would mean we lose in the end, and it would cost us another $20 or $30 million dollars to boot!

This sudden concern for taxpayer funds from a part-time drama teacher, now acting like a highly qualified attorney himself is very strange behaviour from a man that gave away $2.6 billion Canadian taxpayer dollars his first week in office to the green energy scam in developing countries! This, instead of spending here at home for much needed infrastructure such as upgrading water and sewer systems that have been underground for over a hundred years! Plus the fact that several Canadian cities still dump raw sewage into our waterways! Spending taxpayer money has never been a problem for Liberals in the past, so why the sudden concern to the PM over a measly $20 or $30 million more, especially to do the right thing?

As far as this Canadian figures, anybody that leaves Canada to go and fight against us, or our allies, forfeits his or her rights as a Canadian citizen, no matter what their age may be. No Charter, no way!

Many of our vets fought against the Hitler youth in Europe and they found them to be treacherous opponents and well trained in killing.

Of course, many of our boys were actually mere boys themselves, as they lied about their age to sign up to fight for Canada. They too became well trained killers as they were paid to do just that.

What (Omar) Khadr did was an act of treason, and at one time that meant a noose or firing squad, not a reward. At the same time, theLiberal government has taken wounded Canadian vets to court to deny them proper veteran benefits after being chewed up in the Afghanistan conflict, many by the same roadside explosive devices Khadr is shown on film building to use against us! Whose side are they really on??

Disgusting excuses, nothing more!

Russ Horner