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No plans for new community safety zones in Oshawa

City council calling on region to take action

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

Despite calls from Oshawa city council, regional staff say there are no plans currently in place to install new community safety zones in Oshawa.

City council recently approved a motion, brought forward by Ward 2 city and regional councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri, requesting the region to investigate more safety zones and speed reductions, specifically in areas near schools or where crossing guards are in place.

Marimpietri also wants a report to come back to the region’s works committee as soon as possible.

According to Marimpietri, there are only 15 community safety zones out of 60 possible locations on regional roads in Oshawa.

The Ward 2 councillor also noted help from the region is imperative, as the city doesn’t “have the parameters” to choose community safety zones.

He believes the city will be on the “outside looking in.”

Marimpietri told The Oshawa Express his wish is to find “effective and tangible” traffic control tools, and that all areas must be looked at individually, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Standing near a newly opened bridge on Britannia Avenue, which now allow traffic to travel from Simcoe Street North west to Ritson Road, Marimpietri said he’d like to see speed enforcement in the area.

However,  he said the previous council should have considered this before the bridge was even built.

According to Steven Kemp, manager of traffic operations for Durham, there are no plans to install new community safety zones on regional streets in Oshawa right now.

He notes there isn’t a list of locations “sitting there waiting to be designated,” as it’s more of an on-request basis.

“We review requests as they come in,” he explains. “So if local councils or regional councillors, or even members of the public have areas they feel should be designated, they need to bring those to our attention, and then we review them, and then we have a policy and a set of criteria that we use to determine whether or not they’d be designated.”

There haven’t been any specific requests for new community safety zones in Oshawa recently, according to Kemp.