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Newspaper still plays an integral role

In the time of “fake news” and threats against the media, it might be time for everyone to stop and take a moment to remember why newspapers are so integral to a democratic society.

This year National Newspaper Week runs from Oct. 1 to 7, and we at the Oshawa Express encourage you, our readers, to take the time to read a newspaper.

Whether that is in the morning while eating your breakfast, during your work commute, or in the evening when you just want to sit down and relax after a long day.

Newspapers are important because they can shine a light on issues that others might not. We can take the time to out child-abusers, corrupt politicians, and questionable actions by corporations.

While partisan, and sometimes downright false post are shared on Facebook and Twitter, journalists can be counted on to tell both sides of the story, and get to the bottom of the issues.

Publishers, such as the Oshawa Express, have been invited to participate in a nation-wide advertising campaign to discuss the important role that newspapers play in society, even to this day.

However, readers can also show their love for newspapers by attending a screening of the film Spotlight, which won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2016.

The film showcases the Boston Globe’s attempt to out several Roman Catholic priests who had been abusing their parishioners.

It shows the power that a newspaper can have.

We’re told that we are a dying breed, but we are the last line of defense.

There have been a number of closures of community newspapers over the past few years, but this alarming trend can be reversed by showing support. Buy a subscription, or place an ad in your local newspaper, because communities that lose that luxury won’t realize what they had until is gone.

We hold those in power, such as politicians, accountable simply because that is our job. That is why newspapers are integral to our society.

So if you think that newspapers are an important medium, go out and pick up a paper.