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New position for Oshawa MP

Colin Carrie named official health critic for Conservative Party

colin_carrieBy Graeme McNaughton/The Oshawa Express

Colin Carrie has found himself a new job title.

The Oshawa MP has been appointed as the Conservative Party’s official health critic. The move comes after the previous critic, Simcoe-Grey MP Kellie Leitch, announced that she would be stepping down in order to run for the party’s leadership.

Carrie says he should excel in the role, following years as the parliamentary secretary for health under the previous Conservative government.

“I believe my background in the healthcare field and with my history politically, it’s going to really benefit my new role,” Carrie tells The Oshawa Express.

Looking at his new role, Carrie says he will make sure the Liberals stick to the promises they made when it comes to healthcare.

“We really need to focus on patient-centric and Canadian priorities. We’re aware Canadians want better access to healthcare, but also the Liberals, for example, ran on providing $3 billion for more home care and elder care as our demographics shift toward an older demographic. They also ran on more money for a new health accord,” he says. “The big disappointing thing for me already is to see the budget that was tabled has no new money for healthcare, for elder care or for a health accord.”

Carrie also spoke about his concern for the Liberals changing the country’s policy on harsher drugs.

“It does seem that they’re moving down another agenda that they really didn’t talk to Canadians about. They did talk about things like legalizing marijuana, but they have no plan for it and it’s developed into a bit of chaos out there. People don’t know what to do, law enforcement doesn’t know what to do,” he says.

“They’re talking about increasing (the number of) these safe injection sites across Canada, and they’ve reversed our policy towards regulating these opioids. (Canadians) are one of the highest users of opioids in the world, and they seem to be more on that type of an agenda instead of what Canadians’ priorities are.”