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New hydro billing programs on the way

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

Oshawa residents interested in a change to hydro plans should check the next bit of mail they receive from the Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation as the notifications of a new pilot program are on their way.

The new programs are being offered as part of a test initiative from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). The OPUC, along with providers in Barrie, York Region and London, representing approximately 18,000 customers, will now offer new options for tailoring hydro billing programs to customers. The new programs are likened to the “pick and pay” options now available for some television cable packages.

According to Ivano Labricciosa, the president and CEO of the OPUC, the local utility has been working for some time to attract people to the program, and are now gearing up to fill the spaces for the pilot program.

“The reaction has been very strong,” he says. “It seems people are motivated, certainly price is an issue in terms of electricity.”

In Oshawa, OPUC customers can apply to take part in a new Peak Performance program, which offers users potential savings during off-peak times. Customers will also be able to monitor their usage and get assistance through a new mobile app as part of the program.

Currently, the OPUC is looking for 1,500 participants to take part in the 12-month program.

“By engaging in this pilot we can facilitate and inform the conversation around electricity pricing and contribute to the OEB’s work to develop pricing that can give customers in Oshawa greater control over their electricity costs while also helping to improve system efficiency,” Labricciosa says. “This pilot will empower our customers with information to guide how they use their electricity to best suit their needs. We are proud to bring this kind of innovation to Oshawa.”

Interested customers can contact or call 905-723-4626 ext. 5346 for details or to register.