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Never seen a truer statement

Dear Editor,

I wish to congratulate you on the editorial written in the paper on Nov. 28.

In all the years I have been an avid reader of newsprint, also a follower of news on all media, I have yet to witness a truer statement than the one written in this editorial: “The old way of doing business just doesn’t cut it anymore. Consumers have no loyalty and even more troublesome is the lack of regard to how their purchases support an economy not related to this country.”

I am disgusted with the number of products sold in stores that are imported from foreign countries.

As an ex-G.M. worker, I have appreciated the support given by the public in the past with the purchase of cars and trucks manufactured, not only built in Canada, but from the U.S.

While in the Superstore I have observed that several canned fruit products are imported from eastern countries, which I refuse to buy. When I pointed this out to a woman who had picked up a quantity of this product her reply was: “So what?”

As for the consumers buying from E-Bay who have no regard for the people who are losing jobs in the stores, it leaves me with the feeling that in 20 or so years the days of shopping malls will be numbered.

Keep up the good work.

Alan Payne