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Need more than just photo ops

Dear Editior,

In regard to the recent announcement here in Oshawa, I must admit that I found the entire thing lackluster and anticlimactic. I’ve spent a great deal of time reading about this recent announcement and I still find myself asking some pertinent questions.

First and foremost, I find it unsettling that no one can tell us specifically how many of these 700-750 jobs will benefit Oshawa. While there is no doubt that these new jobs are good for Ontario, I am not convinced that it will have a direct effect on Oshawa.

It’s also concerning that GM is announcing 750 new jobs when the fate of our Oshawa plant is still unstable. No new products have been promised to Oshawa and even the union president himself has admitted that there is cause for nervousness in Oshawa; we can not even be sure our city will keep the little bit of manufacturing we have left when contracts expire in the fall.

Finally, I cannot understand why the prime minister was on hand for the announcement when it included no contribution from his government.  It seems he showed up for a photo-op to take credit for GM following through on their commitment to the previous government.   It’s time the PM and the premier came out to Oshawa to announce something that will help us secure a production mandate.

Conor Amyot