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NDP names Oshawa candidate

NDP Mary Fowler

Mary Fowler, a Grade 3 French immersion teacher and active member of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, will be running for the New Democratic Party in Oshawa for the upcoming federal election.

By Graeme McNaughton/The Oshawa Express

Oshawa, meet your candidate for the New Democratic Party in the next federal election: Mary Fowler.

The third-grade French immersion teacher says she has been involved with the party for some time.

“I’ve been an NDP supporter for years. I lived in different ridings where there’s been strong NDP representation. I used to live in Jack Layton’s riding in Toronto and then moving back to Durham Region – I grew up here originally – I became involved with the NDP more concretely when (MPP) Jennifer French ran,” she tells The Oshawa Express.

It was through her work for her other commitments outside of the party that Fowler says she decided to get her name on the ballot.

“I’ve been involved with the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario for several years and involved in different environmental groups,” she says. “I spend a lot of time talking to people who live in Oshawa and I thought, you know what, they need a voice. Somebody needs to defeat Colin Carrie.”

Fowler adds that the people of Oshawa need a better representative than the current MP.

“It’s been a long time since working families have had a real voice in Ottawa. I don’t think that Dr. Carrie has shown that he listens to the needs of the families here,” Fowler says. “Just recently, he said he’s not concerned about job losses that are happening in Oshawa. So I think that it certainly would be helpful if someone who lives in the riding and understands the issues for the people that also live here, and I think I would be able to provide that to those people and those working families.”

Fowler says it isn’t just Oshawa that should switch from blue to orange.

“I think that for the party, in general, that Tom Mulcair is the only leader who has the experience and the principle policies to replace Stephen Harper and I think that’s something people are ready for,” she says.

With Carrie announcing earlier this year that he would seek re-election, the Liberal Party is the lone of the three major parties that has not yet announced an Oshawa candidate.

In an emailed statement to The Oshawa Express, Michael Maynard, the president of the Oshawa Federal Liberal Association, says the process is still ongoing.

“We do not have a nomination date set yet, but we do have two green-lit contestants for the nomination, and a third contestant going through the process,” he states. “After a period of campaigning, we hope to elect our candidate soon, but ultimately the party will determine the date, and they are still reviewing the green light package of at least one other interested individual.”