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NDP avoiding the questions

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to comments made by NDP leader Thomas Mulcair in last week’s paper.

This visit was an opportunity for the NDP leader and their local candidate, Mary Fowler, to discuss their plans on how to save manufacturing and auto jobs in Oshawa. Unfortunately, they both avoided the issue. That is because they know if Oshawa residents really knew what their policies are, they would never vote for them.

Oshawa is already burdened by Ontario’s lack of competitiveness when compared to other U.S. jurisdictions – we lost the Camaro to Michigan, not Mexico.

Thanks to the Liberals, we have the highest industrial electricity rates in North America, and their proposed job-killing carbon tax and Ontario Pension Plan will add even more costs and uncertainty to doing business. What is the NDP solution? Even more radical job killing policies, which would not only add more costs and kill more jobs, but threaten the future viability of the auto industry in our community.

The NDP leader emphatically stated that he plans on increasing taxes on auto manufacturers. How will this extra cost improve Ontario’s competitiveness? The NDP will also increase payroll taxes on businesses. How will this extra cost improve Ontario’s competitiveness? The NDP want a 47-per-cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 with no plan to achieve it. How will this impact manufacturers and at what cost? The NDP want a job-killing carbon tax, which would raise the cost of heating, electricity and fuel. How will this extra cost improve Ontario’s competitiveness?

Mary Fowler and the NDP need to stop avoiding answering these important questions and come clean to the hardworking people of Oshawa.

Colin Carrie

MP – Oshawa