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Names of local veterans memorialized in new developments across Oshawa

While most of them have passed on, the names of 13 more of Oshawa’s veterans have been immortalized through streets in some of the city’s newest housing developments.

Carrying a tradition lasting more than 15 years, the city is holding an event in honour of the 13 veterans at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43.

Of those being honoured, two veterans, Mr. J. Brewster, and Mr. D. Finney, will be joined by their families, city councillors, and other representatives of Oshawa veterans’ associations and the development community.

Local veteran Don White, who is still an active volunteer with the Ontario Regiment Museum, recently took part in a  ceremonial planting of orange tulips to mark the upcoming 75th anniversary of Holland’s liberation in 1945.

White was one of  the 12 veterans selected in 2017 to have a street named after him.

He told The Oshawa Express it was a very “humbling” experience, and he is hopeful actions such as this will allow the efforts of veterans to be remembered with future generations to come.

The city first began the tradition of naming streets after veterans in 2003, when the council of the day adopted a street naming policy to honour the memory of men and women who served in war or peacekeeping missions assignments as part of Canada’s military.

As noted by city councillor Bob Chapman, the names of veterans are selected by city staff and representatives of local veterans organizations.

The names are then provided to committee and council for approval.