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Names of 13 new veterans to be memorialized on city streets

Jim Brewster and Doug Finney, joined by Ward 3 councillor Bob Chapman, are two of the 13 veterans the city has selected to name streets after. (Photo by Chris Jones)

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

Although Remembrance Day is now in the rearview mirror, the City of Oshawa is continuing its recognition of local veterans.

The city has selected 13 more veterans who will have streets named after them in new developments.

The announcement was made during an event at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43 by Ward 3 city and regional councillor Bob Chapman.

Eleven of the veterans’ families were at the event to represent them, but Jim Brewster and Doug Finney were both in attendance for the ceremony.

Chapman was joined by fellow city and regional councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri and Mayor Dan Carter.

After representatives of the veterans, as well as Brewster and Finney, were marched down the aisle to the sound of bagpipes, Chapman explained the names were chosen through an application process.

“We’ve had a veterans naming process for a while in the City of Oshawa,” said Chapman.

He explained there are now many streets named for Oshawa residents who served their country.

“If you drive around Oshawa, especially in the new subdivisions, you will see a lot of streets with names with a poppy beside it, and that’s how it’s identified that it’s either somebody who was killed in the war… [or a veteran],” explained Chapman, who is a veteran himself.

The streets named after the two living veterans are Doug Finney Drive and Jim Brewster Circle, while 10 of the other veterans will have their names honoured in a new subdivision being built by Sorbara Group of Companies.

Veteran Robert Gow will have his name given to a street in a yet-identified subdivision.

Chapman noted some names will go to streets already built, some are currently under construction, and others don’t exist yet.

Doug Finney Drive will be west of Townline Road North and north of Shenkel Road in a subdivision to be developed by Treasure Hill.

Jim Brewster Circle is west of Fleetwood Drive and south of the future Rossland Road East extension, past Grandview Street North.

The other veterans to have a street named after them are Verne Bowen, John Lowry, John Dalby, Geoffrey Marston, Chris Mason, Victor Lockie, Andrew Murdoch, Cameron Lott, Frederick Smith, Gow, and Morris Krasutsky.

“Today, yes we are naming the streets after your loved ones,” Carter said to the families in attendance. “But we also want to recognize your family and say, ‘Thank you for the love and support of carrying their tradition forward.’”

Carter noted with these 13 new selections, Oshawa will have 76 streets named after veterans.