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MPP says government moving to protect Ontario’s auto industry

Dear Editor,

This morning in Ontario, more than 100,000 men and women went to work in the auto sector.

These men and women are building cars that will be sold in Ontario dealerships, and to families across the continent. They are working on world-leading technology that will power the next generation of vehicles.

And today, in classrooms across the province, bright young men and women are working on the new ideas that will change this sector, ideas that will change the world.

It’s because of those workers, those students, and those entrepreneurs that our government has launched Driving Prosperity: The Future of Ontario’s Automotive Sector.

When a vehicle rolls off the line at one of Ontario’s assembly plants, of course it’s a marvel of skill, ingenuity and manufacturing excellence. But it’s more than that — it is food on the table, college tuition paid, and plans made for the future.

That’s the reality for more than 100,000 families who are directly supported by the industry and hundreds of thousands more supported by spin-off jobs.

Ontario’s auto industry remains strong overall, with the province ranking as North America’s top auto-producing region for 2017, building almost 2.2 million vehicles. However, an increasing flow of investment to southern U.S. states and Mexico, combined with the pressures of technological disruption, are challenging governments and industry to act in supporting the sustainability and long-term success of the province’s auto industry.

In the short time since our government took office, we’ve taken decisive action to reverse this trend and make Ontario open for business. We cancelled the cap and trade program, we’re lowering electricity rates and we’re cutting red tape impacting businesses by 25 per cent by 2020. We continue moving forward as quickly as possible to create a pro-jobs environment.

This is why our government wasted no time announcing our 10-year plan for the sector. And we continue to work with industry, colleges and universities and our federal and municipal partners. We’ll be launching phase two of the plan later in 2019 that will address longer-term challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

Ontario has the best auto workers in the world – and our government will always fight for them.

Ontario’s auto workers deserve nothing less.

Lorne Coe

MPP for Whitby and Chief Government Whip