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MP Carrie: It’s time to get back to parliament

Oshawa MP Colin Carrie

By Courtney Bachar/The Oshawa Express/LJI Reporter

Oshawa MP Colin Carrie says the Conservative party is “united behind Erin [O’Toole],” and says it’s time to hold [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau to account.

In speaking with The Oshawa Express on the recent outcome of the Conservative Party leadership race, Carrie says it is a “real proud day for Durham Region.”

Durham MP Erin O’Toole recently won the Conservative Party leadership race, beating out Peter MacKay with 57 per cent of the vote.

“We’re all united behind Erin and we want to see what we can do to promptly work to get Justin Trudeau to recall parliament and get back to work,” says Carrie, noting the prime minister made moves to shut down parliament in the middle of a pandemic.

“This is not a time to use taxpayer’s funds to reward your friends,” he continues. “We should be making sure that Canadians have the support they need.”

Instead, Carrie says Trudeau has eluded to a possible election, instead of allowing parliament to come back and “do the important work that we can do.”

“It’s so important we go back and be allowed to use all the tools we have to deal with the issues that have been brought forward and increased in importance with the pandemic, but also all the other issues Canadians are dealing with right now,” says Carrie.

“We need to get parliament back. We need to get the committees up and running and we need to hold this liberal government to account.”

The Oshawa MP says O’Toole’s first steps will be to continue to introduce himself to Canadians and show Canadians there is a choice in government out there, and the Conservative party has been working to “improve the programs,” such as assistant programs, to make sure it “always incentivises people to go back to work.”

“We have different ideas on how we would be spending Canadian taxpayers’ dollars, and of course, spend them much more efficiently than the Liberals,” Carrie continues. “We want to make sure the money is being spent in an open, transparent way that is best for Canadians’ needs, not the Liberal Party of Canada’s needs.”

Carrie says if Trudeau were to call an election, Canadians need to be asking the question, “Why?”

“Why is Justin Trudeau calling for an election after he’s prorogued parliament and shut down the very committees that are investigating his ethical behaviour? Why is he calling it now before he’s actually even come up with a budget to pay for his out-of-control spending that basically has no transparency and no accountability on it?”

Carrie says these are major questions and Trudeau’s idea of changing the way our economy is even working deserves debate in the House of Commons before Canadians actually vote on these plans.

“Canadian’s deserve much better, and that’s why Erin O’Toole will offer that choice for Canadians.”