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More gun control needed north and south of the border

Dear Editor,

I told myself that I would not write a letter about gun control again but I really must.

How many more people have to be killed before Americans enact much more strict gun control laws? In some states you do not even have to be vetted to get a gun. A person can just walk in and walk out with a gun. There is also the buying of guns on the Internet.

A person may not be allowed to own a gun, but if they pretend they are someone else then they will be allowed to buy a gun. Now I know that there are a lot of Canadians that think the gun laws in Canada should be less restrictive, but you only have to look across the border to see what such a permissive society has to offer.

I realize that we will never be able to stop the gunman that loses control, but there are not a lot of mass killings in this country; that is precisely because we have such stringent gun control laws. They should even be more so.

This is to all of the responsible gun owners: this letter is not directed towards you, but you must be intelligent enough to realize that if our gun control laws were even a tenth as non-restrictive as the U.S. then we would have a lot more shootings than we already do.

There will always be illegal guns in any society, it is how we enact laws that really counts.

Ron Horner