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Mistakes from years past

Dear Editor,

I was amused last week when reading Jeff Goodall’s letter to the editor.

I have always enjoyed reading Mr. Goodall’s periodic letters to the editor, and have generally agreed with his take on the subject matter.

I never realized that he was an immigrant to Canada from Britain back in 1966 as I had never met the man.

He called himself a “refugee from socialism” when he came here. I wonder if he ever reconsidered his decision after two short years had passed, and Canadians had elected a very socialist government in 1968 with Trudeau at the helm. Along with that came massive deficit financing, expensive pet projects, no pun intended, such as multiculturalism, bilingualism, and the expensive metric system, which our largest trading partner still has not put in place 40 years later!

After escaping the socialist system in his homeland, I wonder if he ever saw the irony in that decision when he considers the Canada we have now compared to the Canada he moved to in 1966?

Especially now when we have another Trudeau socialist at the helm to further ruin our economy while pouring more billions of taxpayer dollars into more pet projects, and give platitudes to communist despots like Fidel Castro!

Just wondering?

Russ Horner