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Missing and murdered inquiry needs to be quashed

Dear Editor,

How much longer, and how many more millions of wasted taxpayer dollars are we going to have throw down the drain to realize what Prime Minister Stephen Harper realized years ago, when he refused to open up such an inquiry into the missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls.

It is just another liberal boondoggle and will solve nothing, but cost us many millions.

The only ones that benefit are the $600 per hour lawyers that must feel like they have won the lottery the longer this thing drags on.

The RCMP has claimed for years that most of these cases have been solved, and most of these women have been murdered by native husbands or boy friends.

Some of these men have been incarcerated in the past for assault on these women, but were released early because they were natives, who now get lighter sentences than white criminals, then went back and did the same thing again or went even further and committed murder.

This inquiry I feel has not had the desired effect and has had the outcome of blaming whites for all the murders and casting all RCMP as racists.

You cannot change the facts, they might be hard to accept, but you cannot change them.

How on earth are you ever going to prove all the RCMP investigations were biased and fraudulent?

There have been twenty-one resignations so far, the latest one being the Executive Director.

I am sure they are all highly paid people that have come to realize that this is a no win situation, and have decided to take the money and run before the blame game begins in earnest when it is realized what Harper knew all along. It is a total waste of taxpayer money and he was against it from the get go. Trudeau has no idea about money, never had to worry about such matters, and will be stubborn enough to throw many more of our millions at it. That is why I have not heard of any $600 per hour lawyers leaving! The lottery is ongoing!

Russ Horner